Tossing Out Tradition

A honeymoon, by tradition, was the first trip you took together as a couple; Intimate and romantic – honeymoons have always been one of the most special trips you will take in your lifetime. But, they are anything but traditional anymore. In our modern day and age, a lot of couples live together before they are married, and they don’t always honeymoon immediately after their wedding anymore. Sometimes it is the next week, but it seems like (in my experience), now honeymoons are booked a few months after the ceremony. Or in my case at the time – three years later, and four months pregnant. The point is – even if you’ve been together for 20 years, you really should plan a special trip to celebrate your love. It’s never too late for a honeymoon, 2nd honeymoon, or 3rd!

Another growing trend I have been booking are honeymoons where the couple invites along a group of their favorite couple friends; trips affectionately called “friendmoons”. Couples have the opportunity to go off and do what they would like to on their own, and then meet up later with their friends. You can plan group tours and excursions as well as specially catered dinners and special experiences. At the end of the day – the things most people hold closest to their hearts are wonderful memories with the people they love. I already have a couple (and their friends) who have vowed to travel together every ten years and I have been told I’ll have to raise the bar each time. Challenge accepted!

![Going on a “Friendmoon”!](     “Going on a “Friendmoon”!”)

I’m not trying to stomp out the good old fashioned honeymoon, at all. But when planning your honeymoon there are things to consider in your decisions if you don’t have a romance travel specialist who is helping guide you along all of your options. Do you want remote and cozy? A quiet sanctuary? A boutique property in a less traveled destination where you feel like you are the only ones there… OR are you looking for fun nightlife where you can party all night, with lots of activities and opportunities to meet new people?  These are all things you should discuss with your advisor.

Generally for honeymoons… although we love them, it is nice to not have that splashing, four-year-old hyena child in the pool with you, so I do suggest going the adults only route, or at the very least make sure there is an adults only pool at the resort. Do you want a worry-free vacation where everything is included? Meals and adult beverages? Obviously the all-inclusive route destinations are fantastic for this. OR does the thrill of adventure lure you? No plans, no worries. No meal plans. Off to explore and find those awesome local hole in the wall places for some of the best dining cuisine. Now you’re talking my travel language.

![Are you going to try the all-inclusive route?](     “Try the all-inclusive route”)

One of my family’s favorite destinations growing up was Puerto Vallarta. We stayed in the sweetest hotel for $20 a night at the time. Located right next to one of the best restaurants downtown, it was just a couple of blocks off of the beach, clean as a whistle, and exactly my mom and dad’s travel style. It is very sweet and simple with a beautiful courtyard and balconies set up with chairs and tables. I have wonderful memories of drinking endless amounts of fresh squeezed orange juice and virgin Piña colada’s from Café de Olla, while writing a final on “Atlantis” for one my high school English classes back home in Nebraska. Not too many people can say they had wonderful memories about writing a final, but mine are scented with the Puerto Vallarta ocean breeze, filled with the laughter from the school playground across the street, endless fresh juices and that great trip with my mom and dad.

Growing up this is how we traveled. Now, as a travel advisor, I’m horrified of the idea of just booking clients to a destination and hoping whatever taxi they hail drops them off in the right part of “Old Town”. Obviously, I’m in the business to make sure my clients are taken care of during their trip. Whatever your travel style is – share it with your travel advisor. They need to know what you prefer and what you don’t like so to be able to best qualify you to a resort and destination you will love. Have fun and savor the moments as this is what love and life is all about. Congratulations couples!

![Savor the moments](     “Savor the moments”)

Taegan Walker

Taegan Walker was born in the travel and tourism industry as a 5th generation Montanan and a member of the Sons and Daughters of the Montana Pioneers. She is the granddaughter of John R. Quigley, the founder, creator and builder of Frontier Town, the famous pioneer fort city 15 miles out of Helena, Montana. She grew up at Frontier Town as a young girl and was fortunate enough to have been bitten by the travel bug as a young girl during month-long business trips to inspect other resorts and restaurants in Mexico, Hawaii and other destinations during the winter months when Frontier Town was closed. Now with nine years of experience in the travel industry, and five years into owning GET LOST TRAVEL, she is a honeymoon and destination wedding expert and loves crafting once in a lifetime trips and memories for her clients. She is also a Virtuoso luxury travel advisor for Coastline Travel Advisors. Virtuoso is the travel industry’s leading luxury network gaining Taegan exclusive inside access to properties and tours not available to the general public. She is able to pass on VIP amenities like breakfast inclusions, spa credits, free upgrades, early check in/late check-outs and other Virtuoso perks at the various preferred partner properties she works with. Taegan studied communications and public relations at The University of Wyoming, and has more than 15 years experience in sales and marketing.