Why should you choose to plan destination wedding?

Destination weddings have grown by leaps and bounds in the past ten years. What was once thought to be only available to the affluent traveler, destination weddings have become a normal consideration when thinking about where to exchange your vows. There are a lot of arguments as to why you should consider a destination wedding somewhere other than your hometown.

**Intimacy:** Instead of throwing a party for 100-300 people, where you feel obligated to invite co-workers, acquaintances, or long lost family members you really don’t have much of a relationship with – destination weddings bring together the [people](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/rustic-thank-you-cards/) you REALLY want to spend your special day with. It becomes a lot more of an intimate gathering of the people who really mean the most to you.

![Who do you really want to spend your wedding day with?](https://wedding-recycle.com/media/pics/Destination3.jpg     “Who do you really want to spend your wedding day with?”)

**Time:** Instead of spending a boatload of money on just one day and night, destination weddings generally allow you to have 4-7 days with your guests. There is a lot more opportunity to spend good quality time together doing fun, new things together – and thus creating a weeks’ worth of memories of a lifetime, rather than a 12 hour blur of trying to talk to as many as your guests as you can, while working in your [first dance](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/wedding-flip-flops/) and other traditional dances, [cake cutting](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/serving-pieces/), [bouquet tossing](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/beautiful-and-versatile-silk-floral-arrangements/) & [garter catching](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/shabby-wedding-garter/). It all happens in what feels like ten minutes to the bride and groom.

**Cost:** I think a misconception people may have is the cost of a destination wedding. If you are a conscientious bride and groom who pick a destination and venue that is affordable for not only for yourselves, but your guests as well, destination weddings can actually save you [money](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/wedding-card-box-money-card-box-gift-card-holder-custom-made-in-silverpurple/) in comparison to having the traditional local wedding. This is especially true if you work with a destination wedding expert who works with wholesalers and can negotiate group rates and other special perks and incentives for your party.

![You don’t have to break the bank](https://wedding-recycle.com/media/pics/destination4.jpg     “You don’t have to break the bank”)

**Efficiency:** As destination weddings are starting to dominate the wedding marketplace, a majority of resorts now have a dedicated staff that exclusively plan and organize weddings all day, every day.  They are a well-oiled party machine. There isn’t any stressing out about coordinating [photographers](https://wedding-recycle.com/company-profile/sleeping-giant-photography/), caterers, [florists](https://wedding-recycle.com/company-profile/flowers-by-janie/), music, and officiants. You basically look over the options offered, and check off the boxes you want, and that’s it. No stress. You show up with your [dress](https://wedding-recycle.com/category/wedding-dresses/) and a smile.

**Destination Wedding Specialist:** When you work with a destination wedding specialist, they will take care of all of your guests [travel](https://wedding-recycle.com/listing/55-card-stock-hang-tags-great-for-any-diy-project/) and accommodations as well. You won’t have to worry about making sure Aunt Pearl gets booked on the flight, or if your sisters family of eight will be accommodated. A destination wedding expert will take the reins in making sure all of your guests are well informed and taken care of during the whole wedding experience. They will be happy to adjust to any specific requests or needs of your guests and will take the headache out of the travel planning side of things as well.

![Stress-free wedding…can you imagine?!!?](https://wedding-recycle.com/media/pics/destination2.jpg     “Stress-free wedding…can you imagine?!!?”)

**Priceless experience:** Instead of having to get married at the local Holiday Inn because it’s the only venue in your hometown with a big enough ballroom, where everybody and their dog has been married, with the same old tired [décor](https://wedding-recycle.com/category/ceremony-decorations/color/all/un-sold/) and decorations that everyone else has had – you have a [unique](https://wedding-recycle.com/search/?csrfmiddlewaretoken=yUWGRilc4NP6etwzsUKSBjJW0oFb3rYK&q=unique) experience, tailored to what you have envisioned for your wedding day.

![What an incredible opportunity for a unique tailored-to-you experience](https://wedding-recycle.com/media/pics/destination5.jpg     “What an incredible opportunity for a unique tailored-to-you experience”)

Taegan Walker

Taegan Walker was born in the travel and tourism industry as a 5th generation Montanan and a member of the Sons and Daughters of the Montana Pioneers. She is the granddaughter of John R. Quigley, the founder, creator and builder of Frontier Town, the famous pioneer fort city 15 miles out of Helena, Montana. She grew up at Frontier Town as a young girl and was fortunate enough to have been bitten by the travel bug as a young girl during month-long business trips to inspect other resorts and restaurants in Mexico, Hawaii and other destinations during the winter months when Frontier Town was closed. Now with nine years of experience in the travel industry, and five years into owning GET LOST TRAVEL, she is a honeymoon and destination wedding expert and loves crafting once in a lifetime trips and memories for her clients. She is also a Virtuoso luxury travel advisor for Coastline Travel Advisors. Virtuoso is the travel industry’s leading luxury network gaining Taegan exclusive inside access to properties and tours not available to the general public. She is able to pass on VIP amenities like breakfast inclusions, spa credits, free upgrades, early check in/late check-outs and other Virtuoso perks at the various preferred partner properties she works with. Taegan studied communications and public relations at The University of Wyoming, and has more than 15 years experience in sales and marketing.